Water World

Written by Andy Vantrease

Our entire lives revolve around water. We can’t survive without it for more than a few days, as it makes up nearly 60% of our bodies. The same holds true for the planet as a whole; water covers about 70% of the earth’s surface. It’s no secret that Water is Life. Physically, there’s no denying its importance. In ancient myth and legend, water is a powerful force that teaches lesson after lesson to those (everyone and everything) it comes in contact with.

It’s seen as a cleansing agent, with the capacity to renew the spirit; ever taken a shower or bath to ‘wash away’ negativity or a stressful day? It’s seen as a divine space holder, able to house and release prayers that may be too heavy for the human heart. It has the strength to create and destroy – too much is just as dangerous as too little. It teaches us balance, patience, cycles, and how to flow through the world with the ability to adapt and continue on.

We are reminded of the extraordinary power of water during rainstorms, hurricanes, and floods, while staring in awe at waterfalls or looking down at rivers that shape entire plots of land. We learn of its transient nature when we heat it to vapor during the cold months to create moisture in our inhabited spaces, or freeze it during hot months to cool down our internal temperatures. Water molecules transform depending on their surroundings and circumstances, adapting and metamorphosing.

We know of its gentle, life-giving capabilities when a woman’s body instinctively protects and nurtures her baby in a perfect ecosystem for nine months before birth. When we float in the ocean with our ears underwater and hear the crackles of sea life down below, and scuba dive to discover Nemo and all his friends exist in their own world beneath the surface.

The more we think about water and the interdependence of all species, the easier it is to connect the dots – we’re all connected dots. Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and researcher, believed that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness, and his famous work features photographs of water molecules that have been exposed to certain words, prayers, feelings, thoughts, and vibrations then frozen to show their differences. Emoto’s Messages from Water installations and book series shows that water not only reflects the physical world around it, but the consciousness of the beings surrounding it. Now do you feel important?

We need water and water needs us. Cherish the relationship. Be grateful for it. We are water. We are one. Happy World Water Day!