School / Athletic Outreach Programs

Yoga and Mindfulness for Schools/ Athletic Teams

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~ Helping children develop tools to cultivate confidence, mindfulness, self-regulation, and stress reduction ~


  • Our Truly Yoga outreach programs offer mindful, interactive, and fun yoga classes for children of all ages. These classes can be held within a classroom, gym, or any open space. Our programs are adapted to meet the needs of elementary, middle, and high school students. We also offer yoga programs that can be integrated with youth sports teams.


  • Yoga helps children develop body awareness, social skills, self-regulation, self-confidence, and stress reduction.
  • Elementary students are energetic and often easily distracted. Yoga for this age aims to improve strength, flexibility and coordination in an environment of cooperation and respect. Our yoga classes help children aged 6-12 years learn through fun yoga poses, partner poses, and yoga games to build body awareness, increase focus, and foster self-esteem.
  • Students in Middle School and High School often spend large portions of their day desk-bound without much physical activity. Teenagers need greater challenges and more detailed yoga instruction than elementary aged students, while still keeping it fun and engaging. These are the years when students are discovering their own identity in the world and need to be equipped with strength, flexibility, self- esteem and personal connection to aid in this stage of development. Truly Yoga outreach programs help teens develop self-confidence, a positive body image, emotional resiliency, tools for stress management, and self-awareness.


  • All teachers are Certified and Registered Yoga Teachers with Yoga Alliance and hold their own personal yoga insurance that has been validated by Truly Yoga.

Program Options 

  • 6 week series
  • 8 week series
  • Athletic Series for student athletes and sports teams
  • Program lengths are flexible and can be adapted to meet school schedules
  • Programs are specified for the age/grade level of the group
  • Classes can range between 5-20 kids
  • Single in studio sessions are also available (i.e. birthday party yoga class for kids)
  • All Mats and props are provided for students
  • Pricing varies depending on length of program and number of students


Sarah Simkins, Truly Yoga Studio Owner

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Phone: (302) 547-7905


Address: 7 Polly Drummond Shopping Center Newark, DE 19711