Sankalpa is sanskrit for your intention or the vow that you set in your heart and mind at the beginning of your yoga class. In other words, when you set your intention, you are creating a Sankalpa. When you set your intention, you are picking an idea that resonates with your deepest self or your “truth”. Just as we honor our bodies in our yoga practice by modifying or deepening into postures, we utilize our Sankalpa in the same way. So, when you set an intention and ask yourself what you truly need, let it come from within. Our intentions don’t always match up with what our egos want, so dive below the surface. The quieter you get and the more you let go of control, the easier your intention will come to you.


“Our intention creates our reality.”
~Wayne Dyer

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Stay Humble

The word human itself comes from the same  root as humus, earth. So too does humble, which makes sense because the best way  of staying humble is to realize what you’re made of. Long before science came  along to explain the minute details of how it happens, cultures all around the world  knew that our Read More

Work that Asana

Asana is probably the most recognizable aspects of yoga, so it is a great place to begin our journey. In sanskrit, asana means “to be in a comfortable seat or posture”, although we tend to use the term to describe our physical practice. While asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga, it Read More