“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.” 
~Pema Chödrön


 That moment between vulnerability and freedom…when all that you cling to is in the air. Breath is only chest deep, as if that is a means of control…the body’s last instinctual response of survival. Hypervigilance sets in and there is no turning back. There goes Alice down the habitual rabbit hole of the mind. But maybe by chance the landing isn’t too rough. The dust settles and you realize that you spoke your truth…the purest aspect of your being and the closest you’ll ever get to expressing your raw soul…at least in this space and time. The realization devours your mind and for an instant, perspective is all encompassing. But life continues and ego reappears. The ego enjoys consistency and does not discriminate between pleasure and pain. It’s enemy is change even if it is meant for you. And unfortunately the ego was born into a world of ebb and flow. The ego, an illusion of rigidity with the ever-present desire to be a tangible solid in a fluctuating world. But change naturally happens whether the ego likes it or not. Change is inevitable and eventually the realization meets up with everyone.
   So then that moment between vulnerability and freedom…the fear…is it fair warning or another trick of the ego? Without franticly rattling your brain and indulging your ego, take that moment to come back to yourself. Remind yourself of your intention. How does it align with the truths you spoke? And then just notice without judgment or expectation. Intention sets the stage for your life, whether or not it’s in line with your truth.
   But whatever intention you set, keep in mind that it does take courage to be vulnerable and it takes strength to face fear. It can be difficult, yet it is key to remember the freedom of self that lies on the other side of discomfort.
It’s not necessarily about being “fearless” but to acknowledge the doorway and walk through it.Namaste,
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