Yoga Teacher Training 2017-2018 (Currently in Progress...Next one begins Fall 2018) Info for 2018-2019 coming in MARCH! Stay tuned!

200-Hour Vinyasa Karma Teacher Training (Hosted by Serenity Yoga)

Inspire others, become a yoga teacher or deepen your own practice:

The journey from yoga student to yoga teacher is a profound experience. Serenity Yoga 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training will provide you with the knowledge and tools to inspire your future students with the same passion for yoga that brought you to this point on your yoga path. The strength of this program comes from the intense focus given to the form, action and alignment as well as practice teaching. If you have landed on this web page, then you have taken the first step to sharing the gift of yoga. This is not your ordinary yoga teacher certification program. This is an opportunity to make real transformative change happen for yourself and humanity.

You are invited to join a group of committed individuals for an intense opportunity to reflect and learn how the power of Yoga can facilitate change for you. If you are ready to dive deeper into the world that is Yoga, then this is the perfect place for you to begin your journey.
This certification program is not just for those interested in becoming a yoga teacher, but also for those individuals who have the desire to learn the philosophy of Yoga and enhance their personal growth. At the end of the training you will feel strong, open, peaceful, calm and AMAZING! So won’t you join Us?

What is Karma Yoga?

The word karma is derived from the Sanskrit word kri, meaning ‘to do’. In its most basic sense, karma simply means action, and yoga translates to union. Thus karma yoga literally translates to the path of union through action. Karma yoga is described as a way of thinking, and being willing to orient oneself toward realization by acting in accordance with one’s duty (dharma) without consideration of personal self-centered desires. One acts without being attached to the fruits of one’s deeds.

It is a sequential outline for attaining peace and artful liberation. When practicing asana, one links breath with inner intentions and outer actions. We correlate yoga postures with conscious breathing and divine intention. By arranging postures in a sequential format we work to transform the body, mind and spirit. The breath is the thread that links our movement to the sequence of postural changes. When you practice in this way you will notice change is always occurring. We encourage you to not be swayed by the constant fluctuation of change; instead move through transitions peacefully, gracefully and artfully. Your practice can be a succession of changes undertaken with a single pointed intention, free from fluctuations of the mind.

Vinyasa Karma is articulated by knowing the essence of the sequence and keeping a solid continuous flowing pace in a steady unbroken stream, similar to composing music. Move with grace and sweet intention during your asana practice. In all asana sequences, you are the artisan of that moment in time, continually creating a BODY OF WORK. Your body becomes the rhythm of artful and peaceful living. When practicing Vinyasa Karma, the breath and movement are seamlessly united in such a way that each action encourages and supports the other, similar to a drummer supporting a guitarist to create a song. Your body joins with your breath to create a vehicle for peace. As long as we are in this body, life is changing, artfully explore the transitions and MOVE WITH GRACE.



200-Hour Vinaysa Teacher Certification Program

  • How to teach the Vinyasa Yoga System
  • How to teach a Yin
  • Finding your authentic voice
  • Major Bones, Muscles & Anatomy
  • Universal Principals of Alignment
  • Areas of the subtle body including: Ida, Pingala, Shushumna, Vayus and the Seven Chakras
  • How to correctly and safely assist and adjust students through instruction and hands-on practice in the classroom
  • How to avoid injuries and work with students who are dealing with injuries
  • The business and ethics of being a yoga teacher
  • How to teach to every level of student
  • Practicing and teaching Mediation
  • Use of props (blocks and straps)
  • Upon completion, instructors will have their bio and picture ready for teaching

Truly Yoga Studio Located in Newark, Delaware

Truly Yoga Studio in Newark: Students will meet on Thursday’s from 5:30 – 10 p.m. with two weekend intensives.

September 30th – October 1st (At Serenity Yoga in Middletown, DE)
October – 5,12,19,26
November – 2,9,16,30 (no class 23rd)
December – 7,14
January – 4,11,18,25
February – 1,8,15,22
March – 1,8,15,22,29
April 5,12,19
April – 20 & 21st Final weekend together @ Serenity Yoga Studio


Attend in one yoga class series in it’s entirety
Attend all eight weekend intensives
Maintain a daily journal and meditation practice

Practice a minimum of 1x a week at Truly Yoga Studio
Program Curriculum 200- hour

Techniques: 100 hours

Teaching Methodology: 25 hours

Anatomy and Physiology: 20 hours

Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle: 30 hours

Practicum: 10 hours

• T Techniques: includes asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, and meditation. Hours in this category include both training and practice of the techniques.

• TM Teaching Methodology: principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/ correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher and the student’s process of learning.

• A&P Anatomy and Physiology: includes both physical anatomy and physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) and astral/energy/subtle anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc.)

• PLE Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle: study of yoga scriptures (Yoga Sutras, Bhaga- vad Gita, etc.), ethics for yoga teachers, ‘living the life of the yogi’, etc.

• PR Practicum.The students will co-teach, assist and practice each week.

Required Books:

Books will be emailed to all students one-month prior to training date.

Tuition, Fees and Refunds

Tuition is $2,200 ($2,400 after August 1st), this does not include books and additional workshops needed. An Application Registration is required along with a $500 deposit to hold your spot for our next Teacher Training. Payment is in full prior to 2 weeks before training starts.

$2,200 includes instructional video and manual

Fill out the application and send to [email protected] 200-hour app 2016

Your deposit can be made at

2017-1018 Teacher Training Brochure pdf: Truly 2017 brouchure 2

Cancellation Policy

A full refund will be made to any student who cancels the enrollment contract within two weeks prior to training.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve only been doing yoga for 6 months. Can I do teacher training?

Yes, TT is for "everyone" - every level of student. It is based on the same guiding principles as our studio: every body is different, and therefore yoga is different for everybody.

Some of our trainees will have only 3-12 months of yoga practice; others will have many years of experience. Yoga is a journey; it’s a process. Our program is based on the yogic concept of Vinyasa Karma (a step-by-step approach). We encourage each student to start where they are, and consciously progress their practice, deepening their understanding of yoga. We’ll start where we are, together.

It’s for people who want to become 200-HR registered yoga teachers (RYT). With successful completion of the training and its requirements, you’ll receive a certification of completion, with which you can register as an RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. AND, it’s also for enthusiastic students who want to enhance their studies of this amazing, transformative practice. Students who want to learn about yoga history and philosophy.
Whether you're interested in becoming a teacher or growing your personal practice - this program is for you!

When does the training begin? How does it work?

The Serenity Yoga Alliance approved training begins in September, 2016. Prior to the start of training, we are planning informational gatherings to present program details and spend time addressing all of your questions.

The training – including practice, labs, lectures, class observations/assisting, quizzes/tests, practice teaching & more

The program is well rounded, comprehensive and rigorous – physically, emotionally and intellectually. A profound, intense experience for everyone involved – both trainees and teacher- trainers alike.

Who is leading the training? What will the training include?

Lead instructor Alyson Leinbach 500-YT, Sarah Wnenchak RYT
Together and separately, our teachers will lead Asana practice and labs, will work with you on teaching techniques and methodology, and lead discussions and conversations about yoga philosophy – and how it applies to your everyday life (on and off the mat). Please expect homework, reading assignments, quizzes/tests and extra classes/class observations outside of the training hours.

Yoga Alliance also sets requirements for its yoga schools to provide substantial hours in anatomy and physiology, subtle body energy, yoga teacher ethics and the business of yoga.

Our school emphasis is on self-discovery, safe alignment and focused flow. To that end, we’ll study the development of modern Hatha from the Krishnamacharya lineage, as taught by BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois.

How much does it cost? Is there a payment plan?

The tuition fee is $2,200 ($2,400 after August 1st). A $500 non- refundable deposit (included in tuition) is required to reserve your spot in the training, as space is limited.

Serenity Yoga 200 HR Teacher Training Manual
A companion DVD that is accessed online
Books are an additional cost.

Payment plans are available please email [email protected] or call 302-373-7538 to arrange for that plan.

What should I do to prepare?

Serenity Yoga teacher training does not require - nor does it expect - students to be "advanced” yogis. (We don't have to be able to "perform" certain poses or have practiced yoga for x# of years.) The important thing is to become very engaged in your current study of yoga.

Teacher Training is physically challenging and demanding. Each evening session will include a minimum 75minute Asana practice. We recommend that students be in good health and optimal physical condition.

We recommend that you maintain a regular, consistent, dedicated yoga practice here at the studio. What does that mean? It means you make a commitment to practice yoga (of any kind) at least 3 times a week. We also encourage students to attend workshop offerings. Not only will you learn a lot about the practice (and yourself!), your participation will help you decide whether indeed teacher training is a good path for you.

Can I still do it even if I’m absolutely certain I don’t want to be a teacher?

Yes. The program is named “Yoga Immersion Teacher Training and Vinyasa Karma” And for that very reason. We know that many who enroll in TT may not be seeking teaching positions upon completion of the training. In our own TT experiences at the 200-hour level, roughly 1/2 of participants are there for no other purpose than to grow. Alternatively, some trainees will already have a teaching credential; some may even be teaching already. The group will be mixed and diverse; and that’s part of the beauty and benefit of TT at Serenity Yoga.

I want to teach. Will this program enable me to become a yoga teacher? Do I need any other credentials or licenses?

Upon successful completion of the program requirements, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance – the governing board providing credentialing to yoga teachers and schools – to become an 200 HR RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). This is the first step toward becoming a yoga teacher.

Serenity program will offer you the tools you need to lead safe and successful group and private- client yoga classes. As with any other career choice, the path of teaching yoga requires continued study and exploration. This program provides a solid foundation and framework to begin this exploration.

As mentioned above, the program addresses the techniques, methodology and philosophy and will also cover practical information about how to get started as a teacher, including topics such as: marketing, insurance, applying for jobs, auditioning, rates, etc.

Most yoga studios require teachers to have their 200 HR RYT to teach yoga classes. Specialized instruction (such as yoga therapeutics, Yin, pre- & post-natal, for example) usually requires specialized training (usually an additional 25-40 hours). Some teachers continue training to obtain their 500 HR advanced professional training.

How do I sign up?

Sign up at